Salon Events

In order to keep the TED spirit alive throughout the year in between main conferences, TEDxMason hosts smaller TEDx “Salon” events. These events will feature student speakers and discussions about TED videos. The object of TEDxMasonSalon is to help students develop presentation skills (specifically in the TED format). We also hope to introduce a feedback system for TED videos. Research on previously given talks will be presented so that the audience can decide on the credibility of the talks, as well as discuss ways to get involved.

Prospective Speakers

If you are currently a Mason student and have interesting research, creative insights, or new ideas you wish to share with the Mason community and beyond, then please consider applying to become a TEDxMason Salon speaker!

We are currently in the planning phase for future salon events. But, please check back here for information on how to apply for future events!

Salon Talks 2014








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