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We are always looking for new TEDxMason team members!



There are two kinds of volunteer positions, please read the descriptions and decide which fits you best. If neither of these sound interesting, but you still want to help out then we would love to see your shares/likes/comments on the messages we post to our Facebook, Twitter (@TEDxMason, #TEDxMason), and YouTube.

Short-Term Volunteers

Short-term volunteers are asked to help out for an hour to perhaps a full eight hour event. The duties vary, but anyone can make a great volunteer!
If you are interested, please fill out this google form. A member of our team will contact you roughly a week before a shorter event, or a month before a longer event.

Long-Term Volunteers

Our entire team is comprised of long-term volunteers who see the importance of continuing these TEDx events at George Mason University. Many of our team members are students or alumni, so we are always looking for new members to fill positions of recent grads!If you are interested and committed then we can find a position that fits your experience best. Specifically, the following tasks always need someone to head up: Development & Fundraising, Publicity, Artwork & Media Design, Volunteer Management, Production Management, Talk Advising, Speaker Selection, Social Media Interaction, and many others!Long-term volunteers are asked for a commitment of at least one semester. The specific time commitment can vary, but you can expect around 3 to 5 hours a week, and double that when we are close to an event date. We also ask that you volunteer at some of the actual events.

If you see something here that you can help out with, then please contact us at with a statement explaining your experience, and interest (a resume would be appropriate as well).


Internships and Externships

In the past, students have used volunteer work with TEDxGeorgeMasonU to partially, or completely, fulfill internship or externship requirements. Positions would be similar to long-term volunteering as described above. In order for your involvement to count: you must ensure you are pre-approved by your specific program/department/school. After your adviser agrees that such a position would be appropriate then please contact us at with your internship requirements, a resume, and a short statement explaining your experience & interest.

Office Hours

If you would like to discuss your involvement in a face-to-face setting please feel free to stop by our office hours. For the Spring 2015 semester we will have office hours from 10:30a to 12:00p in the TEDx office at Student Involvement in The Hub (middle floor) at GMU-fairfax.


Prospective Speakers

George Mason Students interested in speaking at our TEDxMasonSalon events should check out the Salon page to learn more about how to apply to speak.

Our main conference speakers are selected based upon recommendations from previous speakers, students, faculty, staff, and peers. We will have a short list of speakers approximately eight months before the event is to take place. This list is shortened by ensuring the topics will be cohesive. If you are interested in speaking at a future TEDxGeorgeMasonU Conference then please contact us at with the topic you would like to discuss, and why you think you would be a good choice to present it in a TED-format talk. We will contact you eight to six months before the event if we think your talk will be a good fit.


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